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Beitrag von Sconebaker~Iggy am Mo Okt 28 2013, 12:45

Piggeh X Mr. Chair [One-Shot]

I looked up from the bookpage I was reading as I heard noises.Not, that noises weren`t normal ,but in the library it was all quiet.Well,at least most of the time. I took a look around me,wondering what could have made that noise,but already having a thought,who it could be.But,the library was big so that I got up and went around. When I'm already here,I could take a new book with me.I thought and took a book out of the bookshelf infront of me,as I didn't recognize anything -or anybody- what could have made that sound. I shrugged and went back in my seat. „Hello there,chaise~“ I almost had a jumpscare at the sudden voice,but jumped out of my seat again.I battered my fists a little and turned around. „Piggeh?!....“ I almost yelled,as I saw the humanized pig hanging from the ceiling,right above my seat,giggling. Piggeh looked at me,emotionless,but then jumpend to the floor,landing on his feet,and smiled again. „Hey!That's not nice....Let's start again,okay? Good.Hello,Chaise ~“ I sighed. „Good evening you too,idiot....“ That's when Piggeh looked sadly at me. „Why am I an idiot?“ He asked,skratching the place behind his ears a bit. „Because I think I almost told it you for thousand times now!“ I growled,getting annoyed already.Okay,Piggeh was a loyal and friendly mate,but he was really getting on the nerve on others sometimes.Like now,on mine. „ What?....“ He asked,really not getting the point. Silence.I waited.Waiting,that he was getting the point.Or,at least, seeing I was annoyed right now. But, he didn't. „Don't call me Chaise!....“ I then explained,crossing my arms and tipping annoyed with my foot. „B-but the others are allowed to,aren't they? And....you can call me by my name, too you know that....!“ Idiot.... I looked up to him. „The others are my siblings,my family. And I won't call you Percy because....“ - „Yeah?“ I took a deep breath. It was always amazing.You could show him how much you were annoyed by him and still he didn't gave up. „Forgett it“ That's when I saw him slowly loosing this light in his magenta eyes. „O-....alright...“ He looked to the left. „Shall I...leave?...“ He asked,biting his lower lip. „Right now that would be the best...“ I said coldly. I tried to controlled myself not to sound too harsh,but I couldn't. Piggeh then took a quick look at me,bevore saying `See ya` and leaving the room. I looked back at him,huffing. Then I sat down again,but I didn't really calmed and slept in bevore I could do anything against it. I woke up on the next morning,and sudden felt sorry for that what happened last evening.I was really harsh to him,even though,he just wanted to be nice to me. So I got up,walking out of the library and walking down the long corridors. Then,at the basement I saw two persons standing there.One with the back to the way to the library,arms stretched out. The other one holding something infront of his chest. I heard their voices. „You won't hurt him!“ Piggeh „Says who?!“ Gonzales This was great.I came closer,getting into the shadows.Then I saw what the silver fake of Stephano was holding.A gun. I blinked. „Me don't you dare go to him!...Take me,but leave him alone instead!“ What?No! But then I heard it.The shooting sound.My eyes widend in shock and I then ran out of my hiding place. I ran to him,holding him.Then I looked to Gonzales,who turned around cold and walked away slowly. „P-percy...are you alright?“ I asked shoked. I saw that Gonzales hit him straight in the chest. I felt my cheeks burning as hell and teardrops running down them. He smiled.He freakin' smiled. „It's okay...you're safe now...“ - „Don't speak!“ I yelled in disbelieve. No,that was all a nightmare!A bad,bad nightmare... He looked at me,his eyes getting foggy and whispered quietly: „ I love you,Chaise....“ And even though it now was too late I kissed him,ans as soon as I took my lips away from his,I felt his heartbeat had stopped. I remembered one sentence.One,I read many times in those books I read. You see how much you love somebody,when you loose him. I cried,slowly sinking down on the ground. I love you,too.Percy.

Ja ich bin zu faul um des jetzt alles zu zentieren und soo... :0
Schöne Version kann hier gefunden werden: http://luerlu.deviantart.com/art/Piggeh-X-Mr-Chair-One-Shot-410022469

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